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Have you ever found yourself searching for the perfect card during a challenging time that says "I CARE", this unique cancer support and empathy greeting card collection will launch with 9 unique custom made individual cards and 1 box set.  A portion of the proceeds from this card collection will fund domestic violence programs and services. 

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There are also several fundraising events posted in our calendar these are fun ways to give back while getting to know our team and connecting to the causes.

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CHOICES - Connecting Youth to Mentors is an open discussion lead by young people about the issues young people are faced with. This outreach is presented by Beautiful Faces Foundation and  No More Secrets, M.B.S. and is open to teens ages 14-18.

CHOICES began in March 2017 as a domestic violence prevention outreach for youth males. It has grown to address multiple issues of young men and women. Everyday young people are faced with many challenges. Join this open safe space discussion and CONNECT. Attendees can request to be paired with a mentor at this event by sending a message at time of registration. 

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​​2018 will bring several new and exciting additions 

  • CONNECT to Prayer Daily Conference Call 
  • A cancer support & empathy greeting card line
  • New care box designs 
  • September 2018 CONNECT Festival  

Join us for our Monthly CONNECT Meetings and 

Family Fun Nights. 

Sit in on a workshop , empowerment session,  or weekly support groups.  Drop in to say "Hello"

There are also several fundraising events posted in our calendar these are fun ways to give back while getting to know our team and connecting to the causes.

See our full list of Upcoming Events

Strivers & Survivors

This special series will spotlight stories

of amazing people we've  CONNECTED with that are overcoming challenges of cancer and domestic violence

Philadelphia resident Daryl Robinson is happily married to his wife Roxanne and father to the intelligent, energetic 4-year-old Ethan. He loves his grandchildren and is active in his church and community. In 2009 Daryl was diagnosed with stage IV Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor (GIST) after surgery and over six months of recovery he returned to life as he knew it.  In 2013 Daryl received news from his doctors that the cancer had returned. In May 2016 after receiving a second IR treatment (TASE) Daryl experienced many complications that resulted in some very difficult moments for he and his family. This time also challenged him with several other ailments, infections, and viruses.  After many hospitalizations lasting weeks at a time Roxanne began to feel the challenge of balancing out of state work commutes and caring for Ethan.

He credits his healthcare team by saying “My healthcare team was always amazing and gave me the best care possible.

Every avenue of treatment was explored including chemotherapy and interventional radiology”. Once Daryl was cleared by his doctors to return to work in January 2017, Roxanne had lost her job. This added an extra level of stress to how he would care for his family.  Unfortunately his cancer has returned for a third time and Daryl has struggled to balance scheduling surgery over the demand of caring for his family. As he continues to work with his medical team for his next treatment he shared. “I will continue to fight and have faith that God has a bigger plan for me”  We are proud to applaud Daryl as a striver and one of our 2017 grant recipients. 

Meet this Awesome warrior.   Adrina Alvarez 

In June 2016 at the age of 4 Adrina was diagnosed with a stage 4 Wilms' tumor, a rare kidney cancer that primarily affects children. After multiple surgeries and 33 chemotherapy treatments, Adrina's mother says "Adrina has endured such pain; I don’t know how she gets through all of it with such positivity. She is the true definition of a super hero." In March Adrina had her final surgery and has been in remission since April 4, 2017. She has been doing great and remains cancer FREE.

Her mother shares "Adrina’s life, along with the family has changed and has been flipped upside down." During treatment Adrina could no longer go to school, play sports, go to kid’s birthday parties, go to kid friendly places, such as the park, or be around large crowds of people." She has been limited to what she can and cannot do but she never used that as an excuse, she never let cancer be an excuse. We are proud to applaud Adrina as a survivor and one of our 2017 grant recipients.  Continue to follow Adrina's progress on Instagram @teamadrina 

Meet Leukemia Warrior Jordan Johnson of Albany New York

His story as shared by his Mother Natalie 

One week after my son's tenth birthday, on an early spring day he went to the doctor's office for routine labs, just a normal appointment, until it wasn't. The platelet count was extremely low and set us upon a path I was too familiar with. As a child I had AML; my sister died from complications of AML My mother lost her mother to AML  Now I was certain. Even before the official diagnosis that my son, Jordan would also be facing AML and he is. Within a very few days he began bone marrow tests, spinal chemo, and IV chemo, which was then followed by side effects of varying degrees. This process has continued for six months. Continuous transfusions of blood have been a gift beyond measure in keeping Jordan alive and has allowed him to fight off additional problems and complications. To all those who donate blood, we are deeply grateful,  Know that YOU have made a significant difference to children fighting cancer.

Jordan almost sailed through the first couple of months; I was in awe of his strength, his endurance, and his ability to adjust to living in the Children's Hospital where he has lived now for six months. 

He was allowed to go home for a week in late June and early July, where he able to go out in public with a mask on. He attended his "moving up" day at school and a huge picnic with one of our favorite support groups, where he led the dancing! Immediately after the Fourth of July I readmitted Jordan for his third round of chemo, thinking maybe we'll just get through this chemo "unscathed", with no real crisis.  Everyone in my family and our medical team continued to be surprised at how his body was handling the load of chemo he was receiving, until one night about a week after treatment, Jordan was rushed to the Pediatric ICU where he was placed on a ventilator, medically paralyzed, and fought for his life for three weeks.  Jordan's lungs were bleeding as a result of his third round of chemo. 

This is as serious as it gets no more escaping "unscathed". His body and bone marrow were "tired" the doctors told us. When Jordan was allowed to wake up after this walk on the tightrope he had no strength at all. He was moved to a facility that specializes in physical, occupational, and speech therapy so that he could be brought back to being a pre-teen boy. There was also another goal in mind: to rehab him enough to endure his last round of chemo.

Jordan was readmitted from that facility back to the Children's Hospital in late August where his bone marrow was given more time to recover. They allowed him a brief visit at home but chemo began in mid-September, 2017. On his final date of chemo he was sent back to the PICU and then the OR, to have his infected central line removed. 

He is still recovering and confined to his room for the protection of his weakened immune system. Entertaining a ten year old who loves to be outdoors, a go get 'em kind of boy is a daily challenge for his family and the hospital staff.  Jordan's medical vocabulary is now quite substantial and he is very comfortable entertaining his medical care teams. He participates in medical conversations and his grasp of procedures and daily nursing care leads to questioning the things happening to him, sometimes in a humorous way and sometimes in a "do you know what you are doing" way. 

We hope to bring Jordan home in mid-October, 2017, after a very, very long six months in the hospital. Pediatric Hematology Oncology clinic appointments will consume a large part of his life, but he will resume being his happy, humorous, active self and I will be extremely grateful for all those who have saved his life, since that day when the earth caved in beneath my feet.